Carrying passengers


We do not have specific days when we carry passengers. It is down to individual drivers to agree to carry passengers around the track. Drivers are not obliged to do so. Of course it also depends on there being a suitable passenger carrying truck coupled to the locomotive. Some trucks are only designed for one person and that obviously will be the driver. We do not make any charge for carrying passengers, but we do ask that if anyone is carried a suitable donation is placed in our club funds box.



Regular meetings


Members are on site from about 2.00pm on every Sunday. If the weather is clement some members bring engines to run. Please note that engines are NOT kept on site.


We have what we call a 'Club running day' from about 10:00 am until between around 4 – 5 ish in the late afternoon on the first Saturday of the month every month of the year. It is a day specifically for members or visitors to run their engines. Again, it all depends on the weather but at least during the summer months there is usually someone on the track.



Other meeting days


In addition to the 'Club Running Day' on the first Saturday of each month, we have designated the third Saturday of the month specifically for members to run their electrically powered locomotives. Just to surprise everyone we have called it our 'Electric running day'.



Maintenance days


Wednesdays have been traditionally used as maintenance days, as are summer Friday evenings from 6:00pm. Occasionally though, on Wednesdays, members are bringing loco's along to have a run, sometimes just to test it if some modifications have been completed. If a section of track is being worked on the remainder is sometimes available for an 'up and down' run.



On a site as large as ours grass cutting is a continuous chore during the growing season quite apart from the work necessary to look after the track itself. As you can see from the overhead photograph there is a lot of space 'inside' the site so if there is anyone who is interested in a bit of gardening they will be very welcome to join our club then come along and put forward their ideas.



Education and interests


If you want to learn what is involved in looking after a functioning railway, enjoy gardening, or for that matter, any other engineering activity feel free to come along and meet us, join, and let is know of your thoughts. Although predominately a steam based club we have members who dabble with aeroplanes, drones and even clocks so the interest range is very large. New members will always be welcome.



Visitors with engines


Visitors are always welcome on any of the running days mentioned above. The usual certificates are required for any steam engines or locomotives. It is possible that we might be able to make special arrangements if any club would like to visit but cannot visit on any of the days discussed above. Please contact us first to discuss your requirements and we will try to accommodate you.